I’m Nervous About My Root Canal

For many years, a root canal was something most people dreaded, but things have changed. Modern dentistry has made this procedure less of an ordeal. 

If you need a root canal, our team of experts at Lakeside Family Dental understands your hesitancy to undergo one. In this blog, we take the mystery out of root canals and explain what they’re for and how they’re done.

All about root canals

At the center of each tooth is what’s called the pulp. The pulp largely consists of blood vessels and nerve tissue. If the pulp gets infected, this can lead to inflammation, pain, and potential tooth loss. To get rid of the infection, the pulp is removed by way of a root canal.

To perform a root canal, you’re first given anesthesia. The affected nerves are also numbed, and your doctor places a rubber dental dam in your mouth to prevent saliva from touching your affected tooth. 

Once your mouth is prepared, your dentist drills a small hole in your tooth to get to the infected pulp. Your dentist then uses a specialized tool to suction out the pulp and bacteria. Once the pulp is removed, your dentist fills the area with a rubber-like material that seals and strengthens your tooth. 

The time it will take 

You may need two appointments during the root canal process depending on your situation. If you need two appointments, your doctor will place a temporary sealant in your tooth during your first appointment. During your second appointment, your doctor will remove the temporary material and replace it with permanent sealant and strengthening material. 

You may also need a crown, which is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth to reinforce it. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials, including porcelain and ceramic, which can be shaded to match your surrounding teeth. 

End your pain and save your tooth

Don’t live with the pain and inflammation any longer. If you keep waiting because you’re nervous about a root canal, you may end up losing your tooth or even worse, as the infection could spread and cause bone loss in your jaw. 

When you come in for a root canal, we’ll keep you comfortable, and with our modern techniques, your procedure will likely be quicker and far less painful than it would have been in the past. In addition, our staff is familiar with how dental anxiety can impact patients, and we can offer advice that may help relieve any fears you may have.

If you need a root canal or want to see if you might need one, book an appointment online or over the phone with Lakeside Family Dental today.

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