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Sometimes, dental issues arise without planning. Whether you have a toothache that intensified suddenly or an accident that injured your teeth, Assia Fain, DMD, and her team at Lakeside Family Dental in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, have you covered. Dr. Fain offers emergency dentistry services so she can see you promptly. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency. call the office for immediate care and advice. The team also offers extended hours as needed.

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

What is considered a dental emergency?

Always call the office to determine if your situation warrants immediate care. You usually will want to come in for emergency care if you have:

  • Abscess
  • Infection
  • Serious pain
  • Need for an emergency root canal
  • Chipped or damaged tooth
  • A tooth that’s been knocked out in an accident or sports event

Don’t ignore an emergency, as this can increase the risk that you’ll experience permanent damage and need more extensive treatment later.

What should I do if I have a severe toothache?

Call Lakeside Family Dental right away to get an appointment. Dr. Fain is an expert at examining teeth and determining what is causing the pain. 

You should also loosen any lodged food with dental floss and rinse your mouth with warm water. A cold compress applied to the outside of your cheek where you feel swelling or pain can also help ease discomfort. 

How do I handle a broken or chipped tooth, or a tooth that’s been knocked out?

Save all broken pieces, if possible. Apply gauze to halt any bleeding and use cold compresses to ease the pain. Call the office to come in as soon as possible.

If a tooth has been entirely knocked out, rinse off the tooth root if dirty, but don’t remove any of the tissue. Attempt to hold the tooth back in the socket, but if that’s not possible, soak it in a cup of saltwater or milk until you can come into to see Dr. Fain and her team.

How should I handle an abscess?

An abscess is an infection that forms around the root of your tooth or in the space between your gums and teeth. Abscesses can lead to serious damage to your gum tissue and surrounding teeth. Call the office for an appointment and in the meantime, rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution several times until you can make it in.

Don’t hesitate to call Lakeside Family Dental if you have a dental emergency – consulting their expertise can make all the difference. They offer extended hours as needed and do their best to get you treated immediately and offer financing options so you don’t have to let the cost of care get in the way of necessary treatment. Call the office today for more information.